"Urban Guerrilla Protest"
By Ake Rudol
Page Count: 134, Size: 8 x 10 inches, Format: Casebound
Publication Date: July 2008, $ 27.95
ISBN: 978-0-9790486-9-2
Published by Mark Batty Publisher
New York, New York


My work, "I AM NOT TERRORIZED" is featured in the new publication Urban Guerrilla Protest by Ake Rudolf, published by Mark Batty Publisher.

Urban Guerrilla Protest showcases the ways and means of individual, subversive protest actions. Featuring over 90 artists and initiatives from around the world, the book provides insights into the resources that are being used to place activist messages in the heart of the everyday, documenting the rise of the media-guerrilla during the decade spanning 1995-2005. All over the world, activists have disseminated their messages using an array of methods targeted to grab the attention of the public, as well as the perpetrators of the actions that have instigated the protestors.

Berlin-based graphic designer Ake Rudolf has compiled an international collection of successful and poignant actions; its design and bilingual English/German layout is an homage to the Do It Yourself attitude that all of the examples champion in the name of questioning corporate hegemony. Examinations of Reverend Billy, the Yes Men, The Institute for Applied Autonomy, The Billboard Liberation Front, The Ruckus Society, Yomango, Surveillance Camera Players and more than 90 other examples from all over the US, UK, Australia, China, Argentina and elsewhere illuminate how these messages are heard, and in many cases incite change.

In the words of Rudolf: "Subversive communication practices mediate disobedience and visual subordination. They create new meaning, providing the public with new perspectives for how they view the world, which all too often differs from how huge corporations want the public to view the world."

Mark Batty Publisher