aiw:a - Artists' International Workshop: Aley 2008 - Exhibit
When: August 31, 2008; 3-7pm
Where: Aley, Lebanon; Hey il Gharby, opposite Mar Jirjis Greek Orthodox Church


After a two week art residency in Aley, Lebanon - a city just outside of Beirut, I will be participating in aiw:a - Artists' International Workshop: Aley 2008 - Exhibit. Please come to the reception on August 31, 2008 3-7pm

For the duration of two weeks, over 20 artists from across the world, Lebanon, and the region will be joining forces in Aley to exchange ideas and practices in their field.

Starting August 17, the residency organized by Artists International Workshop: Aley (AIW:A), coordinated by Ghassan Maasri and Lina Hakim, aims to bring together artists from different backgrounds, countries and disciplines to one another, as well as introduce them to alternative means of production and practice.

Through the Municipality of Aley, AIWA invited the 5 international artists to work with 7 artists from Lebanon and 5 from the region.

The AIW:A residency program follows the Triangle Arts Trust Workshops Model, which was initiated in 1982 by Robert Loder and Anthony Caro, and is now established in over 18 countries, including Lebanon.

Building on the success of the 2005Ős experience in Lebanon, AIW:A will offer artists an opportunity to exchange ideas and know-how in an environment geographically and conceptually different from their own.

After the two-week period, an open day will take place in Aley on the 31st of August in which critics, artists, curators and the public will be invited. This feature is designed to encourage community involvement and introduce audiences to a wide variety of international artistic practice and the process of making art in a creative space, protected by privacy unattainable in the city.

A catalog featuring essays and reproductions of artworks will be produced to conincide with this exhibition.