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"World News Tonight"
Size Variable
Wood, Screws, Nails, Paint, Newspapers, Magazines, Clips, Candy, Television, DVD Player, DVD, Milk Crates, Newspaper Weights, and other materials.
New York, NY

"World News Tonight" was an installation artwork at the chashama Window Space at 266 West 37st in NYC, May 16 - May 23. The installation explored mainstream media's proclivity towards the crisis of morality through the exposition of negative news. The installation included hand-picked newspapers, magazines, articles and videos harping on death, dying, disgust, defame, disillusion, defeat, war, greed and corruption that have captured the world's attention for the last 15 years. The world is full of positive stories exemplifying love, heroism, generosity and charity however it is the negative news that consistently grabs the first page. With this installation I sought to discover what the public truly wanted to hear.

A limited edition of 6,000 unique newspapers accompanied the exhibit.

In addition, I relased an edition of 35 silk screened prints (for sale) which can be seen here in the Current section.