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10th of July
I heard the shuffle of angel's feet
Because today I managed to take my dagger
And deepen the hole that creates
My own passion and pain

I'll see you next year
Same time, same place
Quarter of a century, as long as you remember
Bury me in the garden of the lost

Have bagpipes play at my funeral
And play the soundtrack for all
And let the womyn and men in blue jeans
Create paintings on the grassy hillside

Hear my song and chant
Listen to the wind, the music of the night
Dance naked infront of the wildfire
And look in the mirror and see my shadow

Today I'm an angel
Hear my feet sliding and stomping
Hear my heart pounding and my veins popping
Think about the times
And now I hold my dagger closer

Today is a day how we all remembered him
Always fucking around, not one soul knew truth
Except for the great spirit in Missouri land

Look into my blue eyes
Tell me what you see
Search the rest of the earth
And what you have forgotten

We lay him to rest
On this tenth day of July
In Nineteen Ninety Nine

 1999 David Greg Harth