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The Stories We Tell
When we are children we tell stories
Usually make believe
Based upon figments of what we've experienced
Based upon fragments of our vivid imagination
A bit surreal like a Salvador Dalí panting
Our reality is blurred with fantasy
We accentuate the truth
Bend the truth or even ignore the truth

When we are teens
We try to make our stories become reality
We can tell the difference between fantasy and reality
But we try hard to make certain stories a reality
Even though some stories will remain a fantasy

When we are adults
We are actively creating real stories
We are actively participating in the stories we will at one time call our "life"
We make decisions which affect these stories
We make these stories take the directions we choose
As we mold and form these stories
As these stories mold and form us into who we become

When we are in our old age
When we look at our life that has occurred before us
We will have stories to tell
We will have stories to share
We will share these stories about our history
About our lives
The story I will tell is amazing
But how will your story be?

 2012 David Greg Harth