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Beautiful White Dove
I have never danced with you
Or embraced you during one

I have never moved close to you
Beneath a starlit midnight

I have never made love to you
Beside warm glowing candlelight

Seeing you in my mind
I become a child
And bitter at my lips
Feeling you pound at my heart
Making my temperature rise

I have never known you
Or invited you to meet my grandparents

I have never cooked a gourment dinner for you
Or gone with you to the theatre

I have never brought you flowers
Or received flowers from you

Feeling your heartbeat
Next to mine
As I sleep through the night
All I can do is dream
Dream of you
The dreams I forget
At first daylight

I have never held your hand
Or tightly hugged you to soothe

I have never ate dessert with you
Or smile in the photobooth

I have never felt so close
Or distant in an imaginary land

Smelling your scent
On your skin and in my memory
You drive me wild
And make me believe
In things I only dreamed of

I have never painted your portrait
With wonderful colours

I have never washed your hair
In the steamy shower

I have never seen the sunset with you
Under orange and red skys

Hearing your voice
Vibrate in my head
Making my joy rise
And wanting myself to get up
Each and every day

I have never walked through the leaves with you
Or lay beside a fireplace

I have never phoned late at night to talk you
Or film our holiday

I have never sat beneath the 4th of July fireworks with you
Or glide a romantic rose on your body

Touching your skin
Your lips and eyelashes
Nose to nose
Ill never forget
How soft you are

And this is why you are mine
My beautiful white dove

 1998  David Greg Harth