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I wish I could hold
All the people that contemplate suicide

I wish I could give them something to cherish
And hold on to

I wish I could hug them
And cradle their entire life
In my pale palms

I wish they would call me
And ask me to help

I wish those who think
About suicide
Those who want to act upon it

I wish they would see me
And discover me
So I can show them light
A new sunny way
A path of freedom

I wish I could hold
And give them warmth

I would bleed forever
And starve myself
To save the souls of the self-killed

I wish you knew me
When you took your life

I wish I didnąt record
My memory stopped
As you created an end for yourself

I wish I could rewind
Correct the wrong
And share life with you

I wish I could stab myself
To give you joy
And life once again

Many people will say
All sorts of things
But I remember you
As a reflection in a mirror
Of oneself that ended
So suddenly

© 1998 David Greg Harth