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I was with my family and friends at dinner
When I looked down upon each of my wrists
And had gapping holes in them
On the under side of the arm

My arteries were open
With black holes like dark shark eyes
And blood was spurting out
And dripping beyond

I look over the white linen table cloth
And its soaked with my rich red blood
I feel wet coldness on my shoulders
As old blood from the ceiling sprays upon me

I awkwardly look at my family and friends for help
Only to find they have not faces
But traces of dust shadows

I arise with my palms at my side
I look lost and had panic eyes in my skull

I step outside to my red earth haunting
And the sky is dark
And the stars are pelting down to the land
Like fireballs from hell

Dark black clouds rolling
And brought deep thunder
A blood red lightining that came up from the land

Creating cracks of flowing red rivers
And leeches and parasites unearthed
With swollen glands and venus eyes

I died in my ache
As I became engulfed --

 1999 David Greg Harth