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Sunday (#2)
I woke up Saturday morning.
And the Sunday Early Morning shows were on the
And it was Sunday and not Saturday.
Saturday was gone, and Saturday became Sunday.

I did not understand. 
Had I slept through Saturday?
Had Saturday just disappeared?
Had I confused my days,
Confused my calendar?

Today is now Sunday
And Saturday is gone.
Saturday became Sunday
And Sunday I've become lost.

I woke up today,
Today was Sunday,
And not the day I thought,

The date was Sunday's date.
The correct date of the month.
But what happened to Saturday?
Did we just skip it?
Am I in an alternative universe?
Where did it go?
Where did Saturday go?
Just last night it was Friday evening.

I woke up this morning.
I knew it was Saturday.
But I discovered,
That Saturday was Sunday.
And Saturday was gone.
Because today is Sunday.
And Sunday is now.

 2005 David Greg Harth