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I gaze into your beauty
see strength deep within
sexy in a grey colour sweater
underneath, slip a few

lifted to enjoy
and protect your eyes
leading to the bridge
like the figure below

I get lost
in your brown eyes
over and over again
I can travel your pathways
and long hallways
any day
all day

Traveling through
your mystery brown eyes
baby seal eyes
attraction at its peak
your eyelashes at guard
only a glimpse
captures me
and makes me dive deeper
and sink into your eyes
beautiful brown eyes

I trace your curves
your smooth skin face
with my eyes
or feathers or ice
to your mouth
parted slightly
rose lips
pink in tone
for a nibble tonight

When you smile
all wars come to a hault
around mother earth
we stand still
at sight of your
glorious smile
healing a wound inside

Still a passenger
I travel down
see your sexy neck
outside you protrude
from the sweater cover
your hair
with the black
the brown
and the red colour around

to the touch
fingers through your hair
streak down
stroke upwards

The surrounding
your mind of wonders
intelligence projected
ice water placed
down to earth
of egyptian decent

If you were across a sea
I would row a boat
build a steam ship
create a bridge

If you were atop a mountain
I would be the first to climb
parachute down
or fly to your soul

Come with me
take a walk
an imagination
a chance of no other
your beauty interlocking
becoming "a one"

Dance with me
to the moon's hymn
and the sun's first open arms
with the animals of the forest
and the wonderful desert skies
and later
a dessert
to expand a horizon

And now I wonder
If your bolted tongue
slithers like that of your mind
and your beautiful brown eyes
down a slippery escape
of today's reality

 1997 David Greg Harth