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take her there
beaming down
flying thru the night
smelling the way
peering thru the darkness

following the scent
the trail
the beauty

to the castle
the forest
the deep ocean

the midnight sky
the moonlight guides
the sweetness leads
the thighs open

take her there
to that place
the cliffs alongside
beachfront horror
death below
orgasm above

She is there, He is there
take her apart
bite at the neck
knife to the hand
He cuts his, and cuts hers
trickle blood
down her spine
way down low
and around again

finger the blood
around her every curve
ice blood
warm to touch
animal heat
a meat

slowly push
take the dripping finger
up to her thigh
glide inwards,
in her inner thigh

smell the horror
the taste of shadows
the taste of angels
devils too

in he pushes
his finger
over and over
with blood boiling
hot; around
inner walls
tear the inside
heal the outside
the mind

feel her need
give her a want
take her head
on her knee

the seas below
the danger surrounds
the cuffed
the bondaged
the broken

red, black, silver
make a night
nighttime true
She is there, He is there
take her there...

Now answer this,...

Who is she?
Who is he?
And where is there?

 1997 David Greg Harth