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Taxi Cab Roses
How rude can they get
On my red heart Valentines day!?

Their business card advertisement
A little bit of nerve
In my taxi cab car

Dead roses line the seats
The floor
The love that turned to hatred
The love that left the open cab door
And the jazz that made it flow from
Cab driver to cab driver

Not knowing which way to go
To find the unusual ring
Where to cleanse thyself of the sins
I have committed today
Not realizing the ones I did not admit
All year
All life

About the big one in Times Square
About the bar ones
The rented ones
The video-taped ones

My love is gone
My love that I had
Its dead as a rose
On this pouring rain
Valentine Card
Soaked with salty tears
And semen

Never afraid to cry
And forget the schools that taught so well
The Fall leaves
Of red, orange, brown, and rust
The bearded men
And a few dogs

Its not about fertinity
About the dead roses
In my taxi
My cab
My New York City
Where is Herman now?
Is he married?
Why not seventy-four?

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 9th @ 72nd/57th/42nd/34th/23rd/14th/4th/296 NYC