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The rivers of red, they flow down virgin thighs
The pulling of sheets, the clench of a fist

The tears run down, the beauty cheeks
The yells unheard, from deep inside the heart

The powerstruggle, sounds are muffled
The reality of him, he over she

It may be a response, but a force will blow
It may be a fight, but the winner will not pull

Scratch his back, nice and calmly
Scratch his back, dig deep inside

Scratch his eyes, pull his hair
No bitch- lets pull yours

Pull down those borders
Pull down those barriers

Intrude, not to produce
Intrude, not to love

Spread open
Wide open
Don't be alarmed
You will not be harmed
Don't be fake
You aren't going to wake

Kneel down
Kiss it baby
The river flows
That virgin river

The pool; in red
The pool; in horror

It's not going to hurt
It's not going to be an answer

Don't tell
I'm only mama's boy
Don't tell
I'm your friend
Don't tell
I'm your lover
Don't tell


For we have to stop that virgin river.

 1997 David Greg Harth