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Terminées Amour
Orchestrated walk of ivory ghosts
Doves sing an epic unfolding story
Honoring the conqueror month began early
Laid our hearts down to rest
Recover the depths with felt blankets 
Let nomads rub us down and heal us

Started something alone
Expected more waves of beauty
Art made mornings rise before nights departed
Recurring dreams dance our ballet
Flowers of memories wilt
Falling from our lasting empire

Barricade is constructed
Walls are fortified
Rivers run through inconsistency
Wind churns up today's sea
Turning towards the light
Shade covers our year's insight

Lonely evenings spent in solitude
World is ending beneath heavy black clouds
Deep drums beat toward lowered enclosed poisons
Pierced blues penetrate us both
Reasons elementary in life's journey
Proposal on the heightened city

Point of passion now vanished upon the horizon
Warmth of another no longer near
Cease for other dedications
Drape the crests and raise the flag
Frozen eyes of sadness
Restless in their surroundings

Longing over our blindness
Not ourselves when one
Belonging on time spent to the fire's ash
Forever forbidden to understandable truth
Bravery bound to the empty cavity
Declare the tale's finale incomplete

 2008 David Greg Harth