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Thank You Van Halen
It's that time of year
Everyone says Thank You
Everyone is thanking
Thankful for this
Thankful for that
I'm thankful for Van Halen
And swooping chairs from the 60's covered in hand knitted afghans
And military hats made of grey flannel
And swords and beads and M&Ms
And wooden tables and vinyl covered couches
And windowsills big enough to sit upon
And black La-Z-Boy chairs
And tuna fish and pineapple chicken and chocolate chip cookies
And the best chocolate milk in the world
And canned pears

I'm thankful for Van Halen
And Richard Marx
I'm thankful for Tom Cochrane
And Tom Stoppard
I'm thankful for Leslie
And Olivier
I'm thankful for Gilbert
And George
I'm thankful for Van Halen
And my 1991 Ford Red Probe
I'm thankful for all the doctors at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
And Vicodin and Percocet and Huey Lewis & The News

I'm thankful for Van Halen
And remote electronic garage door openers
I'm thankful for the Garden State Parkway
And sunrises and sunsets that arrive at the same time
I'm thankful for Walkmans and Discmans and iPods
And these emotions that make me incredibly high

I'm thankful for Van Halen
And the prayers in my name
I'm thankful for prophylactics
And apple cider (served cold)

I'm thankful for pins and staples and physical therapy
And that high school cargo net
I'm thankful for blanketing snow
And goggles for my eyes
I'm thankful for gasoline
And tin containers that can hold ashes of the dead

I'm thankful
So fuckin' thankful for Van Halen
Fuckin' Van Halen
Mother Fuckin' Van Halen
I thanked Van Halen so much in this poem
And you (the reader) have no idea why I'm fuckin' thanking Van Halen
You don't know the connection
Fuckin' Van Halen
Thank you!

 2011 David Greg Harth