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There Are More Clouds In The Sky Today Than Yesterday
Losing my friends, losing my love
Like before, I look right - I look left
I smash the glass, I yell, "Father! I am sick!"
The glass breaks, the glass falls, the glass, everywhere glass

So love opens up
Love opens the door
Ajar forever, he is the clock, she is the wind
Swimming in this ocean
Decisions are tripled

You thought I would never phone you
You thought I turned away and would never look back
Thorns and needles, stones and rocks, burnt ashes and broken glass

The world collapses around us
Magnified magnificent - the world pauses
Clouds parting, I'm in the air now
Fire is burning, flowers are blooming

She escapes through my fingers
The last strand of hair floats away forever
Dancing across the sky
She is the star in my heart that keeps me alive

 2008 David Greg Harth