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These Lands

These lands I walk upon seem flat
I hitch a ride on a satellite and orbit the earth
And I give out my business card with it's hidden girth

You've trespassed on my heart
My complete circumference you swallowed
Left me howling and hollowed

I called for a press conference
To clear the air waves of false lies
Hid behind the curtain in disguise

You put on such a great act
Ignited my seeds and wings on fire
Yielded to the Southern Hemisphere sire

These lands I walk upon seem flat
With torn sails, a ruptured hull, and broken mast
I build new memories while hiding the past

You've impressed me and tore out my tongue
Speechless without reason or taste
My affection for you has been displaced

I listened to your whispering voice
It echoes and emanates from the lost void
Shipwrecked on this jagged coastline and destroyed

You are the most masterly thief I know
Stole every concealed map and unknown route
Left me upon the flat land in dire drought


These lands I walk upon seem flat
In the horizon I see mountains rise up from beneath 
Tonight's dagger stays in it's sheath

These lands I walk upon seem flat
I see tremendous elevations reach for the sky
A potential number nine in each cloud passing by

These lands I walk upon seem flat no longer
And these lands are rebuilt with stone and mortar
And in these lands I have left my vestige
For you to find me, oh new lover from forever

 2012 David Greg Harth