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Bee Hive
The wall has been broken
Even when you are no longer alive
Those three words never spoken
My heart is busy as a hive

I remember when we would first date
Each evening in bed we would spoon
No one believed that it was our fate
We would challenge the sun and moon

You left my arms so suddenly
Even after I shared the author's quote
You left us all so abruptly
And died without leaving us a note

These sheets still smell of you
Wrapped gifts I can no longer give
This hive is not yet through
I must go on to live

Our son has the name you always approved
He has the color of your eyes and your charm
I tell him stories about you and he is clearly moved
It's impossible to take my lock and disarm

Every time I see our son, I see your reflection
It was you who harpooned my heart
My love for you was the greatest infection
I was in it ever since the very start

You can never be replaced
Never forgotten or concealed
This busy bee hive is forever displaced
Without you I am never healed

I'm in agony that you left me alone and awake
Without poison or farewell letter
Only contagion you left me with was ache
I still have your un-given green sweater

My poem must come to an end
At the anniversary of your death
Your coffin and memory must now descend
Inside my bee hive I carry your last breath

 2012 David Greg Harth