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This Is For You
This is my heart.
Take it.
Read it like the books on your shelves.
Examine it,
Like your monthly blood.

Let my song be heard; my whisper upon you.
Walk down the aisle with me, a vision shared,
For I have invited, and our children will follow.

Your scent still lingers upon my own person.
I drift endlessly in your blue eyes.
Get wrapped up in your beauty.
Take you to the basin,
Wash your hair
Under the canopy of the stars.

Your smooth ivory skin in my hands,
Soft to my touch.
I follow your voice, a loving haunt;
Like the wind carrying my soul.

You walked away; I followed your path,
There I saw, our journey of love.
Finally realized with respect and passion.
After a flexure on the rippled sea.

You are everything I want, more for my heart.
Everything beyond my working day;
My working week. And my today.

Listen to my hymn; you know I will be he.
My luminosity is more than an ephemeral moment.
For my heart has skipped before my third decade.

Listen to the hidden psalm,
An arresting kiss; speechless you are left.
My heart needs to be mourned,
By the very grace before me.

So let the chariots of love be summoned.
Beneath the silent moon I will surrender.
I have fallen; my seed is forever yours,
And yours; I shall be.

 2005 David Greg Harth