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Time To Go
I'm long over due.
It's time to visit my favorite floor.
To not have pillows and see nails in doors.
I'll give my father the peace symbol.
Witness my grandparents cry again.
Get scolded for pleasuring myself.
Admitting to no wrong doings.
Keep sketches not created by me.
Eat with the roaches at the dining table.
Not understand the television.
Eat my sweet bananas.
Escape this cynical world.
Visit the bad waiters.
Get lost on the subway train to the museum.
Go underground in secret passageways.
Spring buds on the trees, but it was just winter.
Time to spit, time to color, and time to break.
Let's play pool and ping-pong and hang-man.
I'll let all of them worry about me.
Some can quit smoking or drinking.
Loose your weight and gain your strength.
Watch me shrivel up into the fetal position.
I'll get punctured in my back.
Once again we'll measure my protein levels.
Objects will appear closer, I've got a disease.
Time to go.
I'm long over due.
Time to go...

 2004 David Greg Harth