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Tired Of The News
I'm tired of the wars that go on
The ones that the politicians create
And the ones that the political bullshitters avoid and put aside.

I'm tired of the famine the disease and the disgusted
People of authority,
Not on their knees
But on their fake oak formica-covered pedestals!

I'm tired of that.
It's time to change
To wage a war
A revolution
I'm tired that an aritst is judged and cant have a curly moustache
Or decked in denim or black suede

I'm tired for Dublin and Sarajevo and South Africa
I'm tired of the rap of hatred
And the breed of creed
And terrible sloth of peoples minds

The news of the sick, the poor
The suffering that could be stopped
The billions on defense
While children bleed with moist blisters on their skin
And wake up the next morning
To the flys on their sister's dead back

I'm tired of the snowfalls the rainfalls the sunny days
That never happen to those in prison
For making a statment
For saving Tibet

I'm tired for those who love me
And nurture me
Just go away
And be yourself
Find out who you are,
Then maybe I can love you

The news of political dicks
In intern mouths
Baby shitters
And Priests claming children shows
Are gay because of the fuckin colour purple

The news of Joey and Bobbit
And how stocks rise and fall
For ebay and amazon
Yet we donąt care about the forests
That people burn in South America
To build better luxury fuckin' homes for Trump

As middle-aged white america
Gambles their savings away
Instead of investing
In the children of our future
The hope, the research, the medicine

I'm tired of 'in god we trust' on my earned money
Tears and injustice, is never heard by the wallet
Pain and agony for freedom, are never praised by suits and ties
White flags and definitions are never held and followed

I'm tired of the media news
About being homonogized, waltmartized, and terroized
The hollywoods and sport thieves
Robbing fans and not contributing
To the ones lying dead to save theirself

I'm tired of Amnesty being not a priority
While M-16s and F-16s are of top quality
Tired of the news brought to me
Through cellular, electronic and television waves
While hundreds and millions wait for airlifts of food

I'm tired of make-belives, the gay-bashing, the KKK
And the White powers, the racist beasts and Jerry Springer representing America
I'm tired of the news from Iraq and Kuwait and nothing about the
41 shots fired upon innocence in Harlem

The news of glory for fight
For travels of spent money
Dinero for diabolos
And 40oz bottles being sold in the hood

The news of child molestation
And musicians being censored with parental-warning labels
The artists not being funded and Bill Gates monoplozing
With Leonardo on tour

I'm tired of the news
Created by the evil of men and womyn
Of hangers in back alleys
White and black fountains
And abuse at the job

I'm tired of skull crackings and rapists
Serial killers and unprofessionals
Of those who do not respect
And the us for raping Native Americans
Of their home and culture

I'm tired
Of those who do not dream

I'm tired of the news.
I cant belive the news.

© 1999 David Greg Harth @ 1515 NYC @ 1515 NYC
With inspirations from Jon Karl Holm