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Before Men
Of blonde and blue
Muscular parts
Portal sides manned

Warm salt water
Bay of saints
Palestinian delights
Militant fights

Pregnant girls shout
March forth
To a valley of land mines
Weddings off shore

It is destiny
In a troubled world
Collapsing coffins of melodies
Maker's shoes fitted

Tailored suits
Boxing match
Barbed wire fence
Political agenda

Blind men lead wrong
Girls scream "Ice-Cream!"
Perfect landing
Given blood yours

Iced mint tea waits
Court case won
Wig weaved
Clean shaven

Kings cross ache
Fulton high noon
Mortar fire close now
Martyr tested and failed

Rise like a God once more
In this truthful pit of failure
Explode your critical customs
Dream of the revolution coming

Becoming night
End at last
In the ground we die
Finally at rest

 2009 David Greg Harth