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Tortured Crush
Stab me in the heart
Remind me of a memory

Walk with me to the park
Watch the swans go by

Hold my hand tight
And stare into my blue eyes

I bite my lip and taste my sorrow
Knowing that maybe
You donıt want the lust

I would give up everything
To touch you and feel you

To be drowned in your brown eyes
Falling from heaven into another heaven

Floating skies and flying doves in pairs
Swallowing up inside

See me, the one in front
See who I am
And donıt let me hide

Break the rules
And gather your thoughts
The crush gets deeper
With every move you make

Mysterious walks
And talks
A puncture  in the back

I would burn my art
For the kiss at your lips

I would see no one on earth
For the warmth of your heart

I would sacrafice my thoughts daily
For your touch of every day

I would make every wish and dream come true
For the beauty gaze on your brown eyes

I would sacrafice my soul
For the sweetness of your lips

I would bleed forever
For you to survive in happiness

I would taste your tears
With my silent tongue

The crush kills me
It twists me
Like bent molten metal
Turns me upside down

Like Romeo and Juliet
Itıs a Totured Crush
A posionous desire

I would let you inside
And see myself
My disease of emotions
Ill be your sister and brother

You stripped me of my innocence
My virginity
And my belief

İ 1998 David Greg Harth