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Triple X Make-Believe & PDBs For a Day
A man in Omaha found silver
Crazies with methods of money making
Advertisng breasts
Popping in and out of lining sidewalks

Women braless bouncing with loose fitting tops
Abortion killers and bus driver low skirters

Scat singers and Pop Culture
Lime green shirts and checkered pants
Fitting fine
Fine man

Elevator lifters
9th avenue buttons

Park nectars
Brown captures

Devil keepers and stocking stuffers
White trash replicas
And grandma's make-up

Transvesttite hookers and game players
Fatality heat and laughing belt stranglers

Television, Radio, Communicating networks at networth
I got the winning rub-off in my pocket

Grieving make-up old ladies
Parody at your feet

Industries of devil CEOS
Beauty queens along the park

Pretentious riders and fake believers
Gorgeous generations of genorousity

People, People, People-
Listen to what they say.


 1998 David Greg Harth