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Unforeseen Circumstance
You entered so unexpectedly.
Your funny bones, laughing gas.
Your two drink minimum, tri-state tour.

I wasn't prepared.
To hear your voice, catch your singing.
To see your gaze, taste your tears.
To ask you, nibble your lips.

What's done is done.
She's not late, neither are you.
She's pre-occupied, you have the occupation.
She's not, you aren't.

Saving one by one has to get done.
Telling your love, you are in love.
Telling the audience, you are in love.
Telling you, you are in love.

Surprised, startled.
Shocked, stepped upon.
Shattered, scattered.
Strung about, strung along.
Strewn, sunken.
Slipped away, sailed forward.

Circumcised, demoralized,
I'm in love now, history now.

 2007 David Greg Harth