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With a wooden spoon, stir the tea
In a hidden safe, put away the key

Venturing into the unknown
No more days of being alone

Inside your heart I've started a fire
You'll never forget my eyes of sapphire

No sense in blocking the unconventional
These emotions are multidimensional

Delete the borders and erase the distance
Surrender to your own resistance

I've escaped the artificial
Everything with you is beyond celestial

We'll orbit the sun, the moon, and the stars
This warmth heals our internal scars

Our breathless silence shall pass
My affection for you will last

As witness to my eyes
I'll harmonize your midnight cries

Put away your defense
Hand in hand we shall commence

This love is now for hire
Have I found a repeat buyer?

My heart is yours, I will never sever
Take it and occupy it forever

 2011 David Greg Harth