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Unlock Me
Knowing how the heart catapults into love,
I am uncertain if it's you
If it's you I could love.

I should until the end of time
Until death parts us
But I've only just found the key.

Find the looking glass, told.
I've climbed the mountain,
I shiver in thought.

He left the door ajar
Soundless she lies on the bed
Bare and innocent, calling.

The crow sits on the sill
As my love is wasted away
In you.

Pick up your belongings
Arise from your still
It is I who is now your shadow.

End your quest
Become the woman you are
For I too, am she.

Drink the blood
Your monthly
Let me suckle down yours.

Know that I love thee.
And it is you
That is my key.

 2006 David Greg Harth