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Untitled (Dark Love)
allow me
bend your neck
curve toward the shadow
let me in
a penetration
sunken teeth
withdraw thy blood

allow me
to show you a way
a river shadow
a dark lover
be with the blackness

come toward the light
the light of grey
show me your beauty
the puncture I will create

let me suck out your blood
be a devil to the daughter
be a horror to your imagination
be real to thy flesh

I in black, you in black
lace and silk sheet tonight
candle burns
heat in overdrive
turn towards the mirror
and beaware
no reflection in sight

an angel came down one day
he said
then again
a devil dug upwards
toward the sky
toward her inner thigh

suck and suck
the one in black
wings of glory
in all its fury
soar the skies
the midnight moons
you might discover...

his drive
his shadow
his beneath-the-belt

 1997 David Greg Harth