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Untitled (I Take You)
I take you by the front
I take you by the rear
I take you in arms
And behold
Wrap around, no rape will occur
I take you by the flesh
I tear at your skin
I choke you alive
As I shove my cock deep inside

I ram my thick meat
Up your juicy cunt
I eat away at your soul
Before you can cum
I eat at your breasts
Before you can scream
I eat at your mind
Before you can breathe

I fuck you
Harder and harder
As one can get
I ram my pistol
My pistol of love
Deep inside your tight pink pussy hole.

As "So Cruel" plays
I flow with the motion
On every beat
You receive my meat
On every beat
You bow down to my feet

I fuck you slowly
After the harsh
I fuck you slowly
Not because I love you
Not because you are sexy
Not because I want to fuck you hard
But because you are my friend

 1996 David Greg Harth