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Untitled (New Year's Day)
It is New Year's Day.
What did you do?
Just the other day?

I sat in the center.
The epicenter.
Where 7th meets Broadway.
Where the neon lights are.
Where the movies are filmed.

I sat there.
All day long.
Handcuffed myself.
To a chair,
To the lampost.
Right in the center.

The great big cock,
Behind me.
Coke infront of me.
I have never snorted.
About to now.

Corporate Surroundings
I wish I had a fuck on me.
I wish I had a smoke.

I sat in the center.
Chained to the chair.
To the lampost.
I sat all day.

As the clock neared midnight.
I pulled the trigger.
Still handcuffed.
My thoughts now on the lampost.

 1998 David Greg Harth