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Untitled (Places Taken)
I will take you to the park.
the forest.
the desert.
the beach.
the ocean
the sea.
the lake.
the hill.
the mountain.
the city.
the valley.
the plain.
the field.
the pond.
the creek.
the brook.
the rock.
the town.

I will take you in the bakery
Or in the movies
At home
Or in the office
I will take you on a plane
Or on a train
At a ball game
Or at a Broadway show
I will take you in car
Or in a bed
At a nature park
Or at a hotel.

I will take you near and far.
Here and there.
I will take you up and down.
East and West
I will take you to black and white
To see colours all over.

Over and over I will take you.
More in my mind.
None in the flesh.

Yet to be seen....

 1996 David Greg Harth