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Untitled (Thoughts Behind)
I come to you in the night
    by way of the stars.
I awake with you at the yellow dawn.
    by way of the morning sun.
I embrace your loveliness
    by way of my arms.

I take you by the hand
    I guide you to my water.
I cleanse you up and down
    I show you the water.
I clear your thoughts
    I soothe your back.
I tear at your heart
    asking for more.

I stand behind you
My hands on your shoulders
Rubbing your back
My knee against your bottom cheeks
My arms wrapped around your waist
I guide my hands to your navel
The suds glide downward, my hands upward
My fingers run across your breasts
Tight squeeze
A hug of love
Behind you, I am not a ashamed.
Behind you, I am erect.
My hands run across your hard red nipples.

 1996 David Greg Harth