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Untitled (Waiting For You)
I will wait for you.
If you are my dream.
I will be yours.
If you are a figment.
I will let the love go, but not you.

I searched, I waited, for you.
Are you real?
Are you mine?
Why so far, yet so close?
Why do we meet?
Who gave us permission?

I am your angel, an angel from hell.
I come to take you to heaven.
Forever and ever we will live.
In white lace I embrace your smooth body.
I take you, caress you always.
I have wanted you for the longest time.
Where have you been?

Ties will be broken.
I will not keep my hopes open.
I have been hurt.
I am sure you have too.
I will not be hurt.
I am your angel.

I will wait.
Send me your love.
Prove your existence.
Dance with the devil in the moonlight.
Dance with me under the stars tonight.
Dance with the animals, hum with the birds.
Suck like the insects, read like the mammals.
Eat list like the fish, love like the doves.

Wake up on a bed of roses.
I grew each one for you.
Selected and picked.
I took the thorns off for you.
So your fingers would not bleed.

I love your tight ass,
may I feel it?
touch it?
caress it?

The darkness will always prevail.
I wish I knew you in the flesh.
Till then, my mind will make do.

 1996 David Greg Harth