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Untitled (With Her)
You put me to rest
And you left me in shame

You ask me if its getting better
No, its not.

I listen to you ringing in my ears
But I donıt do the things you tell me too

I stand to be a rebel and Iım not sure why
What cause what for

Walking great white ways
And reaching my goals

Still I cry in the middle of the night
Waking up in red nightmares of inappropiate behavior

Inhaling smoking juveniles
And taking temperature-less showers

Day room blues and January air
I'm eating sweet banannas now

You put me to rest
And I left without shame

Seeing you go under
In the hot sunshine

Listening to angels
Writing eulogys

Should have hugged more
Wrote more visited more

Instead now all is gone
I didn't even know you

My art hangs on your walls
And new people are lovin' it

You put me to rest
Now you are in shame

Becuase you refused to listen
Or accept and spend

You abused what we had and who we were
And never said please or sorry or thankyou

Now you die alone in your own misery
Not having myself or anyone to hold

It's just you
And me baby

The death parted us
And nothing is left

Sleeping alone
Now these days

It gets colder
And I go to the art fair at Washington Square

I visit Fredrick Douglass Blvd
To get a gun to blow my brains on the floor

Friends tell me how to position the gun

Friends lay asleep and wish it was them

I feed the pigeons
And rise and fall

Because this is my life
And she is ashamed.

İ 1999 David Greg Harth 1515 NYC 1515 NYC