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Untitled (You)
you wild woman,
you make me weak,
above the knees,
below the belt,
you make me weak,
your accent at heart
your tone in voice,
you make me weak,
you break a boundary
you treat a soul,
you make me weak,
you take a chance,
you call the devil,
you learn how to kneel,
you believe in love,
your heart tells you no,
your body tells you other,
you make me weak,
you loose control,
and then I enter,
and over and over,
I fuck you again.

The measurements exceed
The unpredictable is only around the corner
The levels are complex
The confusion lies within
The alterations are not made
The voices are never heard
The thoughts race like buffaloes
The memories intrude
The fantasies never become real
The dreams are deathtifying
The love is passionate but not local
The real time has come
The real one is here
Here I am.

 1997 David Greg Harth