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Unvisited Locations
This space is often vacant
A hollowness which craves to be occupied

In the left atrium there is a huge area
Your wails can be heard in the empty cave
Echoing the dreams of hope
In the right atrium there is a tremendous zone
So vast, the blue oceans of the world can not fill it completely

The left ventricle continues as an open field
Readily available for a new inhabitant
The right ventricle, a cloudless sky
Aching to encompass each floating cloud nine

Each connecting aorta and connecting pulmonary 
Pumping the great warmth that makes me who I am
That trickles to the tips of my fingers
Of the hands that will hold you on any sunny day
And keep you warm on frigid nights

These are the unvisited locations in my heart
They are reserved for you
Come claim them

 2012 David Greg Harth