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In the darkest midnight hour
Under the cover of blackness

Beneath the full moon's scattered fingerprints
Drowned out by the rumble of approaching thunder

In the shadows of love's past
Hidden among the forgotten and lost

Muffled by an echoed plea
Silenced with a concealed drum

Behind the defensive guard
Soldiers regroup and reload

The wall goes up.

Thick ropes are pulled
Iron gates are lowered

Water is emptied from the moat
Replaced with molten lava

Last chariots are escorted across
Bridges are destroyed

Staircases crumble to the ground
Ladders are burned to ashes

Catapults are dismantled
Instruments of flight are demolished

The wall goes up.

Released from the chamber
Now escorted back

Through violent storms
Through raging seas

To the frozen tundra
To the deepest depth below

Far below the obtainable surface
Far beyond the foreseeable future

Stolen and broken it was
Stronger and thicker it has become

The wall goes up.

 2010 David Greg Harth