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Velvet Fingers
I part your wet lips with my fingers
Enter your moist mouth
Inserting my fingers
Playing with your tongue
Around and around
Different patterns
Different strokes

My strong fingers
Teasing and pulling at your tongue
The inner walls of your mouth
Feel like velvet to my fingers
You swirl your tongue around them
And your body tenses
I can feel the heat emanate from your mouth
Wetness surrounding
Your muscles grabbing onto my fingers
Pulling me inwards

With every stroke
I make you quiver
And your tongue stands erect
Against my index finger
Stroking the 1 O'Clock position of your tongue
Flicking it
Over and over

I see your eyes fade back
They shutter and you begin to smile
Your ankles tense
Your nipples perk
As you know I near with my mouth
To your lips
My devilish tongue
About to take the place of my fingers
On your lips
And the insides of your mouth...

 2002 David Greg Harth