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She's pointing downward south
I salivate excess in my mouth

I follow her lead, I follow her voice
My reasoning is certain, not a choice

Drifting towards me, she surrounds me with her scent
From faraway hemisphere, I begin my descent

In good hope she captivates my entity whole
It was my heart she quietly stole

Ground below me shook and shattered
On this earth nothing but true love mattered

Seas parted and waves crashed
From ocean's divide, beginnings splashed

So it was said, so it was done
The new journey has begun

Jumping across the world's largest pond
Two hearts so close, magnets fear our bond

I come from a far, she is so very near
They lined up for hours to witness this very premiere

I'll row us to shore, with enchantment in tow
Midnight moon will shed its nightly glow

Wind delivers a knock at your door
A curious cure is here and so much more

Thunder rumbles in contemplation
Next stop is divine station

Storybook tale will be distinguished
Our fire will never be extinguished

Your beauty deafens my existence
Our connection is of utmost consistence

Battle of dreams and realism discovered
Imagination proven, those sheets uncovered

 2009 David Greg Harth