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The Victim
who's the victim?

I am.
You are.
The lion is.
The bastard is.
The love couch is.
The battered wife.
The fat kid.

I am.
You are.
The president is.
The tree is.
The ground is.
The food is.

Last night was.
She is.
My mother is.
My sister was.
Your lover will be.

I am.
You are.
Today will be.
The operator.
The listener.
The controller.

I am.
You are.
She is.
He is.
The inventor.
The consumer.
The watcher.
The walker.

Saturday & Sunday.
The midnight blues
The screen above
The ocean below
The thunder distance
The headlight under

The round corner
The leep
The current; electrified
The peg
The bird

I am.
You are.
The candle burning
The paper waisting
The weight holding
The tight rope

I am; you are... always.
I am.
One of them.

With or...
It's time to go,
I have realized it
That I am a victim
Of abuse and loneliness
Of selfishness and pain
Of murder and draught
Of politics and art
Of love and hatred
Of rape and death
Of slavery and racisim
Of sexism and complications

Of numbers
and letters
Of signs
and signatures
Of meadows
and pastures
Of priests
and food poisoning.

I am the victim.
I always was, always will be.
I am the one,
the one that "they"
are looking for.

 1997 David Greg Harth