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A Virgin
Oh my god, I did not tell you what happened with that cab driver I
went with last night.  I thought I was going to be possibly kidnapped,
DEFINITELY raped and possibly killed.  He was just basically telling
me how he and his fiance never had sex and that he is worried about
the first time.  It was an arranged proposal by his mother and he has
yet to see the fiance.  From this he is asking me about his first
experience to come such as if she is going to bleed a lot or a little and
should he continue or stop and if he does not stick it in the whole
way is it considered sex still and if I had a boyfriend and how my
first time was so I told him that you were my boyfriend and that we
never had sex.  I told him I was still a virgin and he was SO happy.
I was hoping telling him I was a virgin would make him more
compassionate about raping me if that was his intentions.  I figured
that would make him wait to take a slut instead or at least someone
"experienced".  Anyway..his cell phone rang and I sat in silence for
the remainder of the way.

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296
New York City