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Virgin Eyes
China Seas
Autumn Leaves
Parachute trooper down on his knees
My heart he will fully seize

Secrecy is among intruder's invasion
Welded hands together on sunset's occasion
Madame of no persuasion
Her thigh's have a telling abrasion

Blind man sees a reflection
Blooms in the ninth direction
My love is an infection
Last year's rear inspection

Gotham bells ring
Choir of four sing
Black dove breaks a wing
Elephant imported from Beijing

Dedicated fidelity to you
Nerves of longpig are blue
The twisted tongue is true
I'm son of Sioux

Honesty ripped
History buried in the crypt
Life's unwritten script
Canvas now stripped

Mediterranean's East
Six year's feast
Analyzed by master of the priest
Love will always be released

Unlock the purpose, open the door
From somnolence I lived once more
Vehement man of war
Hear me now, hear me roar!

 2007 David Greg Harth