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Vomit (#2)
I was riding along
On the downtown number 6 train
Riding along
On the subway
From uptown to downtown
When all of a sudden
A woman
Vomited on the subway floor
People scattered
Away from their seated positions
And left the area
As if it were a crime scene
Or toxic waste dump
The people left the woman
Left the situation
The people escaped the human catastrophe
They left the subway car
To seek refuge on the platform or next car
They left the woman
To her own
I could not understand this
I could not contemplate
Where is the humanity?
I got up
Walked over to the woman
Clearly in discomfort
I walked up to her
Handed her some napkins
Asked her if she was okay
Asked her if she needed help
Asked her if she needed anything
She took my napkins
And thanked me for the care
I do not understand human beings
Why run when someone is in that situation instead of help?

 2006 David Greg Harth