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Waiting for Love
People tell me I shouldnt look
That I should wait
That love will come to me

Let me tell you -
For I have waited
My patience is a daily vitamin
And a drug I deliver outwards

I wait all day
For the sunshine to set
Because I know the next day
I will wait no longer

I wake up each day
Thinking a lot
It hurts so much
That I handcuff my thoughts
To pully systems of rust and thorns

That I shoot myself daily
With pains of starving children
And abused and tortured
Souls from heaven

I wait
I do not seek
I wait for its arrival
I calmly sit
By lakes and skyscrapers
Upon breezes and fireflies
And upon decks and concourses

I wait.

I wait for a prophet
Or an angel
I wait for a sign
but never look.

All I can do
Is wait.

 1998 David Greg Harth

The poem above is part of a two-part poem.
It's partner poem is "Looking For Love." 
Find the poem here.
Always read them together,
but each poem does survive by itself.
Even though each poem can live independently,
they cannot be read without its partner poem.