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Beneath The Sea
Here I am, existing,
floating a drift,
thristy for water.

I can not drink
for this sea is ladened with salt.

The medusas swim freely,
I am unaware of the truth,
but their beauty intoxicates my beliefs.

So I continue to sail
The high seas of love
With a search of no other

For love
Existing in this world
Of chaotic misery and joyful births

With women of beauty all around
They have all wet my appetite
And I hope to have wet them.

The dance continues
On threatening seas
I rise and I fall
Like the solar stars above
This delectable planet.

The sea is vast
And wide open
It's power lures me
Swallows me whole.

I permeate through
Fight in the tight
Until love is thrusted upon me
I am nothing but alone

Perhaps it will be
or perhaps She
Is beneath the sea.

 2005 David Greg Harth