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Walk Away
After the rain wept
I could not even raise my self up
I could not stand
My entire body was shaking
My eyes looked down
Not knowing why

The rain continued
Today it poured
Morning hours
A coolness swept over
Pushing the warmth away

And empty
I took to the streets
Walked alone

My thoughts racing around
Constantly hungry
Trying to hold

The memory is past
My hands shiver with my breath
I can't believe it now
I don't want to go
You shut the door
And now I'm gone

The wet street beneath
Golden light reflects
A man at the door
Around the corner I turn

Fog sets in
Surround my shivering body
My soul
My emptiness
My shadow you decline

Before the night falls to the sunrise
I go on walking
With The Bible in hand

 2000 David Greg Harth