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Washed Away
My girlfriend passed away
Just two years ago
To this very same day

As I stood there
It was just after dusk
About 8:30pm as I stood on the beach at Grape Bay

In the lighted darkness
I watched the moonshine ripple
On the waves that rolled
Upon the sandy shore infront of me

Slowly the waves washed away
The set of footprints
Left over by two lovers walking by

Behind me in the tropical bush
I heard the orchestra of tree frogs
Chanting songs of harmony

I stood there
Staring out into the ocean
Thinking about her

With a stick I found on the beach
I carved her name into the grainy sand
And with stick in hand, I stood

Forever at the gleaming full moon
And the light patterns it reflected
On the deep ocean darkness

Stars came out and clouds passed by
Determined to the end
Until the tide moved near
And the waves washed her name away

Sometimes I thought I could hear
Her name being called
By the chirpping of the frogs
But all it was, was my memory

I stared at the calmness
The few waves which broke
On the sand
The few that rolled
I stared

I thought about
Walking straight into the moonlight
That was reflected
On the ocean's surface

To surrender to my pain
And to be with her forever
As I would be welcomed by the sea

And finally
The waves came crawling
And washed her name away

I walked away
Into the darkness

 1998 David Greg Harth Bay Bermuda