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What is 'peace' anyways?
Peace is a dream
An impossible possibility
A possible impossible
A nightmare
A fantasy
A desire

Peace is a thought
A rainbow of colors
A rainbow
Of religion
Origin, sex, culture, belief
Of skin, size, shape, control

Peace is death
A tree
A butterfly
A connection

Peace is mine
And yours too
Peace is over there
As well as here

Peace is being dead
Or alive
At the right place
Right time

Peace is a dream
A dream to become true
A true dream
Very real

I have made peace and so can you
Martin Luther King
John F Kennedy
Jesus and Moses
Rosa Parks
and Georgia O'Keffe
John Lennon
Martha Graham
Angela Mayou
and Bettie Ford
Harriet Tubman
Gloria Steinem
Harvey Milk
and all the people at the shopping mall

I have made peace and so can you
Help me help you.
Help yourself
Your poor self
Find it
Deep inside

Then you can make it
Make it possible
Start from within
Listen do not hear
Speak do not talk
Reach do not fade
Touch do not feel
Love do not preach
Peace do not peace
Peace do not peace


 1997 David Greg Harth