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When Snow Falls, Clouds Speak
Snow cascades down upon me
Covering my head
Surrounding me toe to knee

In a blanket of white
My wandering mind wonders
Everything seemed so right

The clouds speak to me
Reminders of you
In everything I do and see

I'll lean way back to kiss the sky
With an arch to heaven
I confess my heart does not lie

My heart says take me
It shouts louder than the cloud's reach
Stretches further than the vast sea

Beneath these clouds I put my ear
I listen to your untold stories
Your secret whispers are what I hear

Falling frozen crystals bind to me
Each snowflake is encrypted with the same message
They each say you have the key

These speaking clouds gently drift by
I remember the sensational touch of your soft skin
And the delicate twinkle in your eye

Notes fall from the sky for me
Revelations of sweetness and desire
Tales of love and tranquility

In the snowy night I hear your voice
Each passing cloud brings time closer
In the future I know we shall rejoice

This snow around me is waist deep
Collect your dreams at night
Alongside you I wish to sleep

Clouds of yesterday talk to me
Thinking of you each moment I'm alive
Next time I will forever kiss thee

Today and tomorrow you are missing
From this snowy earth to this cloudy stratosphere
It is you I miss kissing

When the time is right for you and me
Nothing can deny these meeting souls
Everlasting love is what I foresee

So with a breath of fresh air
Clouds have spoken and snow has fallen
I am your mate and I am your hare

I bid you farewell to you from me
Silently I depart with awakening storms
Know that my heart is yours entirely

 2011 David Greg Harth