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Shes my bitch
my honor
my mother fucker

why am I forced to lover her
i don't even know her
Who she is or where she came from
i don't know her true history
As I become the alcoholic I've always dreamed of becoming
Get me my scotch glass

That bitch
That fucker
Why do you need it
Youll just be in pain anyway
And youll just eat the sand from which she grows

No please or sorry or childrens disease
No ammunintion of romantic love for me
No words of wisdom
Or thankyou for my art
Fuck you
goto Hell
see you on the other side of God
Like me now?

She didn't whisper in my ear
didn't even hold my hand at the shot-put zoo
didn't even envelope a thought
I love you sam.

She followed me up to the sky
Slowly I dripped a delivery
One time quicker than last
Nothing left, Nothing to do

She's my bitch
a conquer
an underdeveloped nightmare

A picture perfect nothingness
A beauty for results
A bad ass
A smooth-over turn table
A cry baby
A silent ass hole
She was my dick
My hole
My other
A dust
A tear
A bitten lip
A rose
I can die
In peace
Leave me alone.

 2000 David Greg Harth @ PH17OBNC